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OCMOD is a built in system in OpenCart v.2.x & 3.x that allows store owners to be able to modify their store by uploading a compressed file that contains XML, SQL and PHP files.

If a OCMOD is developed correctly it can modify how a users OpenCart store works without changing any of the core files. This means that if a modification is removed none of the original OpenCart files need to be restored or fixed.



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vQmod was a breakthrough for creating extensions in OpenCart 1.5.
OpeCart 2.x & 3.x got built in OCMod system very similar to vQmod, but with a little different XML syntax. But developers still can use both OCMod and vQmod in one OpenCart installation.
While strictly modules, product feeds and OpenCart extensions should be standalone and modular, some require modifications to the OpenCart core. Modifying OpenCart core files greatly reduces your ability to upgrade your store to later versions, and can affect other modules and extensions. vQmod provides a mechanism by which modules requiring OpenCart core modifications can be installed without damaging the integrity of your core system for upgrades. vQmod keeps a list of filenames and changes required, in the form of one XML file per extension. These changes are then created as the core files are used, and the resulting files are stored as cached copies which are executed instead of the original, core PHP or TPL file.

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